Friday, April 1, 2011

Some things never change

I was in the library this morning to do the groundwork for the UP Medics archiving project; the official college newsletter celebrates its 60th year next sem.

We looked at age-old copies of previous Medics issues—many of their pages already brittle—and picked out stand-out articles for compilation.

Archiving for UP Medics

I chanced upon the lampoon edition dated December 1974 (Vol XXIV, Number 2). It was a total laugh trip!

The tagline said it all: "Truth, like urine, will come out—" Beat that, Inquirer.

"Truth, like urine, will come out—"

In that same issue, I also found this photo.  This was part of the feature article of Amelia N. Reyes (Class 1974) entitled, "Come to the College of Medicine—Or How I Learned to Write Fast and Think Less." I like how the editors protected the identities of these people: a black line to cover the eyes. Priceless.

Medics Archive

The caption read: "Well-adjusted medical students having given up trying to keep up with the hectic pace of dictation resort to gambling in the hope of breaking into the big-time game in Physio."

Some things just never change.

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