UP Medicine pick up lines: a must-watch!

We, the men of Class 2014, surprised our lady classmates during lunch break by showing them this video: the corniest pick up lines—and they get even cornier if you're in med.

My favorites:
  • ARAS ka ba? Ikaw kasi ang dahilan ng consciousness ko.
  • Posterior view . . . lateral view . . . anterior view . . . Kahit anong view, I love you.
  • Kaw talaga, dinala mo pa ako sa Trauma Ward. Nagkabanggaan tuloy mga puso natin.
  • Kung subject ka, Renal ka siguro. Parati kasi akong bumabagsak sa iyo, eh.
  • Ano nga ba ang gamot sa diabetes? Ang sweet mo kasi.
  • Sana ako na lang right hand mo, para tuwing flag cem, hawak-hawak ko ang puso mo.
  • Primary working impression ka ba? 'Di kasi kita ma-rule out sa buhay ko, eh.
  • Can I be your lock? Para keys kita.
And many, many others.

Thanks to the guys who directed and edited this. Priceless. This one will go down as a classic.


  1. Kahit di ko naintindihan 50%, nakakatawa pa rin :P

  2. Haha, thanks, Razel. It's the concept that's hilarious.

  3. Hahaha. I showed it to my doctor parents. At least it got a couple of smirks from them. Haha. I loved it! Ang galing niyo

    sa kalokohan. :P

  4. That's great to hear, Kitokits. Universal talaga ang message ng kakornihan. ;)

  5. after so many months that i finally checked my multiply andito ka pa rin lance :D

    anyway, wag kang mag-alala; marami rin kaming corny pick-up lines sa law school. ganyan talaga pag stress ang buhay, haha

  6. Better to laugh at your misery than shed buckets of tears for it, tama ba, Eva? Haha. Thanks for dropping by.

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