Food trip in Binondo

I belong to a research group of 16 people whose dedication, commitment, and passion have been an encouragement to me.

Last year we were so busy we didn't have time to hold a decent celebration party. We worked so hard on our Influenza A(H1N1) project, sacrificing hours of sleep and rest just to get things done. By God's grace, though, we were able to submit a good research output.

We've recently learned that Dalvie Casilang, one of our more outspoken members, has been transferred to another research group because of reshuffling. We wanted to give him a farewell party of sorts. We'll definitely miss his company.

An opportunity presented itself today. We had the entire day free today, so we decided to have lunch in Binondo, at some Chinese restaurant that Marvyn Chan recommended. The place is called Sincerity, located at the heart of Manila's Chinese community.

It was my first time to taste a house specialty, the oyster cake. I loved it for its unique texture, a combination of crunchiness and stickiness.

We had a great time catching up with one another. Here's Jegar Catindig distributing the soup like a real gentleman while we were busy talking. He'd later fall asleep in front of the soup after having only two hours of sleep due to dragonboat practice—a truly comic moment.

We ate to our hearts content. We ended the day with a trip to the store owned by Marvyn's family where we had Korean yogurt ice cream for dessert.

 Korean ice cream

There's no doubt in my mind that Binondo is a food paradise. I should go back.

UPDATED June 11, 11:24 PM. And just so you know, Lennie Chua was with us, too.

Lennie Lynn Chua


  1. wala ako sa pic. :( please replace it, lance. :)))) demanding eh noh.

    grabe, super saya ko! sooo happy to be part of the group. :D

  2. Len, you are so narcissistic. Haha. As soon as the other guys upload theirs with you in it, I'll post another one here.

    Kain ulit tayo doon! Sa may noodles naman!

  3. oyster cake looks like okoy, or is it?

  4. ay, it's omelet pala. lesson learned: Google first before commenting

  5. It's more like omelet than okoy, Schubs. Had to Google what okoy is. Isn't Google just amazing?

  6. Yey!

    I want to go back too.
    We should all go back again.

    Sarap nga nung oyster cake! Hmm. Magdadala ako ng oyster sauce sa susunod hahaha.
    At nung sincerity chicken na pilit kong tinatawag na "successful" chicken. Siguro kasi para sa akin ang research output at ang mismong mini-celebration natin ay SUCCESS :D

  7. Feeling ko nga rin, Den, hindi lang ketchup ang sauce ng oyster cake eh!

    Balik tayo doon one of these days. At super agree rin ako sa last sentence mo.

  8. Ang arte ng message para sa post a comment! Naalala ko ang "strategy" at "survival of the fittest" na pagsakay sa jeep! Ansaya ni Lance oh!

  9. Glai, alam na natin kung ano ang ruta ng Mabini na jeep!

  10. Isidore, next time ay ilibre mo na kami! O kaya yun may mga birthday ng June. Marami-rami rin sila haha. :D

    Salamat at wala tayong ginastos! Iniinggit ko na si BJ!

    Sa susunod, dapat ang ma-experience mo na ay yun sumabit sa jeep! HAHAHA!

  11. Iba na talaga 'pag may naipong funds! Di pa ako sumusuweldo, Glai. Haha. Di ko pa nata-try 'yun, pero 'pag sumabit ako sa pagsabit ko sa jeep, ikaw ang sasagot ng pagpapagamot ko.

  12. HAHAHA. Thanks sa pag emphasize, lance. para akong multo! :))))

    anyways, excited na ko magresearch ulit! wuhoo!! :D nakakatawa talaga tayo nung pauwi. kanya kanyang habol sa jeep! winner! :)))


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