Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby steps


I awoke early in the morning to check my mail, expecting to find another set of queries about our research paper. My groupmates have been working extra-hard these past days, and I can liken the stress to my experience of writing my undergrad thesis. I'm sure the same goes for them, perhaps even worse because three are writing a scientific paper for the first time. Thankfully, the first draft is done, and our adviser is checking it at the meantime.

I'm not sure if I should write about the updates about our project, but blogging seems a pretty good way of outlining my thoughts. Of course, things are far from over, but I'm thankful we're taking these small, baby steps towards the finish line.

Instead of going back to sleep, I watched a video of a man taking a 21-hour train ride to go to Northern Russia. Will someone please take me to Russia after the research presentation is over? Assuming, of course, that it will be.

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