Friday, February 5, 2010

Cravings and encounters at Robinson's Place Manila

On my way home, I had a craving for Jollibee's Barbecue Chicken. I headed to Robinson's Place Manila and ate to my heart's content. The chicken was so moist and tasty that I devoured it without the sauce. Way better than the famous Chicken Joy, if you ask me.

As I was leaving, I had another craving for something cold and sweet. The last time this sweet spell had happened to me was on October-November of last year: I would go out of my apartment, leave my notes altogether, and grab a cheap ice cream from the nearest Mini Stop. This time I went to Dairy Queen and ordered Banana-Strawberry. As the lady was punching my orders in, I had a weird feeling: I felt that someone was sneaking glances at me.

I grabbed a high chair and began eating, when a woman grabbed the chair beside mine. "Lance? Is that you?," she asked in Ilonggo. My memory was failing me; her face didn't register at all.

"Yes," I said. "Oh . . . hello."

"I went to K-N, too," she said excitedly. "My name is Ping."

And then she spilled everything to me. We went to the same high school; she was two years ahead. She knew many of my friends, and I had to chide myself for not remembering her. Was I too snobbish then? I don't think so. There were just too many of us that it'd be impossible to know everyone. In my high school batch, there were 1500 of us.

She told me she has been working in a Makati call center. She also told me that she didn't attend the high school reunion last December—"So did I," I said—and that she was in Robinson's because it was her day-off and she felt like hanging out.

I had to leave her because I was getting sleepy. After checking my emails at home, I immediately retired to bed and had a dream of talking to a professor about Linux computers.



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