Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December na

December almost always ushers a fun-filled end to the ending year. The air is crisp, the music is happy, and everyone is excited to go back to their families for the Christmas celebrations.

There are so many things in tow this December.

My friend, Paul Velasco, is coming back from New Zealand. He's among my closest friends, having lived in the same dorm where I stayed since our college freshman year. After more than a year, I'm seeing him again. He had better be ready to speak to me with a strong accent. His Facebook picture reveals that he lost weight—a lot of it—but whether it was Photoshopped for slimming effect, I shall confirm when I meet him in the flesh.

In the UP College of Medicine, we're all looking forward to the TRP (Tao Rin Pala), the biggest celebration in the college. I keep hoping we're going to do well in the choir competition, but I'm sure the batches ahead of us will do the same, too. Last night, I helped out prepare the props for the stage, as part of my application for the UP MSS (Medical Students Society). The org reminds me of MBBS: the application process is tedious (friends will argue that it's not), but the people are great.

Our church's family day is two weeks from now. It will be an opportunity to fellowship with the brethren. I'm excited to play the games, to recall the past memory verses (there will be a special prize!), and to simply be amazed at God's faithfulness to Higher Rock.

I'm going home, too, on December 19, right after the Diliman Lantern Parade. There's only one exam left before the official vacation. It's times like these when I hope that every month is December month.



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