Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our dear Kuya Dave

Photo: Yakal Christian Fellowship, 2006. From right: Paul Velasco, Riza Leonzon, Es Duhaylungsod (sitting), Remrick Patagan, Jaylord Tan Tian, Dave Griffiths, Shean Chiva, myself, Jason Enriquez, Razel Tomacder (sitting)

I've been to UP Diliman again three days ago to attend Kuya Dave Griffiths despedida—a farewell party of sorts hosted by the Dormitories Christian Fellowship (DCF). Now retiring, he's going back to Wales, United Kingdom with his wife after more than 20 years of missionary work in the Philippines.

After he gave his last preaching, people from DCF from different generations gave their testimonials of Kuya Dave. One recurring theme was how Kuya Dave became a father-figure to them. It was all very emotional, very personal, and that's the way it should be, I think. Kuya Dave didn't do campus ministry for the sake of doing it: he did it with a passionate love for the glory of God. And in the process of doing so, he has touched different lives.

Oh, I'll dearly miss his slaps on the back, his witticisms, his deep, baritone voice that resonated whenever we sang in worship, his type-written handouts, the Talking-Tagalog-Times, and of course, that delectable English dessert called the trifle.

I can only wish that, like Kuya Dave, the Lord would allow me to be spent for Him, even in my old age.



Anonymous mike tan said...

our dear kuya dave... we'll surely miss him.

Thu Aug 13, 07:46:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Oh yes, indeed, Mike. But there's always email.

Fri Aug 14, 01:44:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous jgg said...

Will miss him,too. Too bad I wasn't able to attend. :(

Sat Aug 15, 12:49:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Sayang, Jeiel. But you can still email him. And there's a possibility he might be coming back. Not sure about that, though. He's open to anything at this point, he said.

Sat Aug 15, 04:09:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger remrick said...

Awww... The old YCF core... :}
If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taking during the "Wedding Anniversary" Fellowship at YCF.. Si ate razel nalang ang regularly kong nakikita, nakakamiss...

Sat Aug 15, 04:29:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

You're right, Rem. Parang kelan lang, ano? But sooner or later, we'll see each other again soon. Not as often as before, siguro when we set special dates or outing.

If that's not enough, we'll have Eternity naman to catch up on each other. :D

Sat Aug 15, 06:44:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous jgg said...

@Lance, so nasa England na siya w/ Ate June?

Sun Aug 16, 01:56:00 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Yes, Jeiel. They're going back this week.

Sun Aug 16, 02:35:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous jgg said...

This week? When exactly? I saw some pics of him in DCBC last Sunday. He was still there pala.

Tue Aug 18, 08:29:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Lance said...

Tuesday. Their flight was at 4 in the afternoon...

Wed Aug 19, 02:08:00 AM GMT+8  

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