Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prelude to medicine

Nothing prepares you for med school—or so my friends say. Regardless of what undergrad course you took, you won’t have it easy. It’s clearly a new chapter in life, coupled with dramatic changes so that life is never the same again.

I’ve finally moved in to my new apartment, about three blocks from the College of Medicine. Not exactly a stone’s throw away, but enough to save me jeepney fare. I’m rooming with Monch, a friend and blockmate from MBB, and he’s about three years younger—about the same age as Sean—but a thousand times bigger. Imagine that: Timon and Pumbaa. I’m still waiting for Kuya Don to hand in his study table; otherwise, we’re pretty much settled.

I did write about handing Slowpoke, my trusted desktop, to my kid brother. Which means, of course, that I won’t have internet in the new place. There’s wisdom in that, I guess. During my undergrad, I’ve spent a significant amount of time in front of the internet, not for academic purposes but, mostly, for leisurely pursuits. That time could’ve been spent on reading the Bible, studying, or finishing a good book.

That means that the blog entries will be sparse. I won’t be able to immediately respond to the emails. And that’s rather unfortunate, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take.

Yesterday was the orientation. In the morning, we were briefed on the curriculum, rules, and policies. After what seemed like an overwhelming session—with all the scared, excited reactions of some parents who attended—we were treated to a sumptuous lunch of curry and barbecue.

We were toured along the UP Manila campus, about a fraction of the Diliman’s size with a decimated amount of vegetation. But it was fun. I also got the chance to meet my groupmates, hailing from different UP campuses. They were mostly biology majors, with some polite kids from the Intarmed program.

So far, I’ve had a rich experience. But, as Kuya Dennis told me, “Enjoy it while it lasts.” O, may the Lord see me through. Clearly I can't do this without Him.

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