Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fresh from Albay

My friends Koji and Kito just got back from the mission trip to Barangay Balading in Albay. Higher Rock Christian Church has been sending small teams to that area since the onslaught of typhoon Milenyo.

Koji writes:

This was a truly blessed experience. The last time I went to little Barangay Balading was with the pioneer mission team almost exactly a year ago. Milenyo is long gone, but the need is the same: the rescuing of people dead in the storm of sin. It's awe-inspiring to see God's continue to work in the hearts of sinners like me. The growing interest and unending questions about the Bible, Christ, life, hardship, truth -- all telling of deer panting for streams of water. Grabe. How God works to satisfy us as we see our need for Him!

Here are some shots I found in Koji's album.






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