Thursday, November 22, 2007

JP Asong at Game KNB?

When JP told me one night if he could borrow my black shoes, I sensed something strange. I got giddy when he broke the news: ABS-CBN called him up. He qualified to play at Game KNB?

JP on national tv! How could I miss that? I almost cut class just to see the show. He looked good. But I could tell he was shaking.

He won 60 thousand plus an entertainment showcase. As soon as he got back after taping, he rushed to my room, said he couldn't believe it, and thanked God profusely.

He lost to an Atenista in the second round. He chose "Seeing stars" category, thinking it was about constellations. Sadly, it was about some movie.

It wasn't for him this time. But, my golly, we were walking after dinner awhile ago when some people on the other side began screaming, "JP!"

He didn't win the million, but he's a certified star.



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