Friday, June 15, 2007


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I’ve been tagged by Jade Lasiste recently—that bright girl you see walking around Albert Hall carrying a heavy backpack, usually with a book on her right hand, and whose stories are as interesting as the way she tells them. So I’m the it. Now I have to say ten weird things about myself then tag six others to do the same. I hope I'm being weird enough.

1. My mother tells me I learned to speak before I stood on my two feet.
2. I hardly cry. During tense moments, though, I spew vomit instead of tears. It’s not bulimia. I just like being theatrical.
3. I sounded like a girl when I was little. On the phone, people mistook me for my mother. In fact, they still do.
4. Without a wristwatch, I feel stark naked.
5. As much as possible, I want to have an entire step of the escalator all by myself.
6. I call my pillows by name and even talk to them at times. The green one is Scrooge, the pink one is Pinky.
7. When I was in Grade 3, I read Robert Ludlum’s The Scarlatti Inheritance without understanding a thing.
8. In first grade, I learned to say, “I don’t know.” In class, when the teacher asked us questions, I’d raise my hand and yell, “I don’t know,” even if I knew the answer. That was how I was with statements I liked: I repeated them.
9. I felt a surge of sadness upon knowing that Lea Salonga was going to get married. All hope was lost.
10. I look like Tom Cruise.

Now I tag Katrina M., Paul B., Jef, Razel, Jac, and Glenda!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,

first of all, I'm not married yet Tom. And second,I've been cruisin' a crush since I was 13 LOL.

thanks for the tag, I'll tell you when I get a boyfriend.


Mon Jun 18, 09:58:00 AM GMT+8  

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