Saturday, March 17, 2007

Huddled in a corner and smelling like tuna sisig afterwards

Inside the restaurant, we huddle in a corner. It takes a while before dinner is served, so we laugh our hearts out, unmindful of the things we need to finish for school. Finally, one by one, the waiter hands out our orders, smiles at us, and asks us, “May kulang pa po ba?” We say, “Wala na. Salamat.” The laughter continues.

It’s about time to start the meeting. It’s getting late. We are mum as we listen to Jaylord read through the Bible. He explains the passage and drives home the point straight to the heart—we need to surrender everything to God; we shouldn’t hold back anything.

The reason why we feel pained during times when we don’t get what we desire is that we still hold on to other things. We must surrender everything to Him and trust in Him alone. God is infinitely precious, and all other things must be considered rubbish, trash, garbage, even dung, compared to Him.

It’s the message we need to hear. Live as Christians. Live as if Jesus were indeed the most precious jewel that our hearts cling on to. If we do not have Christ, we have nothing.



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