Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Comment moderation enabled

Due to a recent incident that perhaps deserves a comprehensive discussion, Kuya Butch, in his wealth of wisdom, advised me to enable the Blogger feature called comment moderation. That way I could immediately reject comments which I find offensive. Obedient child that I am (my parents might disagree when they recall the dishwashing routines we had at home when I was in high school), I followed the advice.

It works, Kuya Butch.

Don't be surprised, therefore,when you've posted comments and then, even after a gazillion times of pressing the "post" button, you still don't find them published in this site. Either you said something utterly offensive and unhelpful, or that I had no time to immediately moderate them.

I hope to hear what you think.

Please remember, though, that the comments section is not a gladiator coliseum where people kill each other mercilessly. In contrast, I'd like to think of it as a friendly discussion room (y'know, with the aircon and soft sofas and hot tea) where disagreement is not expressed as hatred, where people humbly think of others as better themselves, and where God's glory is the ultimate goal of every word spoken.