Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pixellated memories

Like a pilgrim I walk
To marvel at the twisted, orange rays of light
That signal the end of the day
And the reminder of others to come.

I embrace each moment
For tomorrow, this world may hear the last sigh of my breath
Never to be seen alive, but only through the teary eyes
Of loved ones laying down flowers in my peaceful grave
Only a memory doomed to be forgotten through time.

With myopic eyes I see the world
In pixels of myriad colors
Blended to reveal the timeless portraits of Creation
Whose beauty lasts but for a second.
What wonder and awe! I am overwhelmed.
I may not remember all.

My wish is relish each moment
To capture the pixels of the present
In timeless frames of portraits
That seem to shout, "Perfection!"

So that someday
When my hair recedes and turns grey in old age
I can relive the captured moments
And with breathless expectation leave this world
With pixellated memories.



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