Wednesday, June 15, 2005


This is a list of the subjects I'm currently enrolled in, and let me tell you something about them. I have a 17-unit load (students--even my high school classmates--not from UP would react strongly to this by saying that it's too light a load, but in my school, it's already a heavy yet painstakingly manageable one.)

  1. Math 53 (Elementary Analysis 1). So far, we've started with a quick review on Math 17 lessons, basically about functions. This is an everyday-except-Wednesday class (so characteristic of the Math series subjects), and I'm forced to wake up early in the morning because it starts at 7 am. The instructor is Mr. Vryan Palma, a fresh graduate; he actually wrote his name when he introduced himself to us so as to prove that the V is not the result of a speech defect.
  2. Chem 16 (Lecture and Lab). I hope I'll enjoy this class. After all, I've been a chemistry fan since high school. This class is both a lecture and lab class, so I have a separate schedule for the former, and another for the latter. Both of my instructors are young and female and have braces. We'll begin experimenting tomorrow (hopefully).
  3. Physics 71/Physics 71.1 (Elementary Physics Lecture and Lab). This class, like Math, is an everyday-except-Wednesday class. Like Chem, we have separate classes for the lecture and the lab, which is only every Friday, but it's going to be three hours straight of experimentation. My instructors are young and cool. The catch: we have quizzes almost every class discussions.
  4. MBB 10 (Introduction to Molecular Biology). My first MBB class. My classmates are mainly freshmen (bright ones) and shiftees/transferees. I have three classmates who are Chem majors; they take this class as their elective. We deal with the cell, the organelles, the biomolecules, the DNA. I'm excited, too, for the reporting which we shall have at the end of the sem.
  5. CWTS 1 -CS MBB. Well, this one's a pass-or-fail course. We do nothing but listen to lectures, talk with each other. We plan to invite high school students to the NIMBB (National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) for biotechnology and molecular biology lectures--free!
  6. My PE class: Arnis. I shall arm myself with the feared rattan stick, and I shall bring punishment to the opposition. No one shall disarm me. I hope no one dares. When that happens, uh oh....


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do your best lance, i know you will really devote more time in your studies now. God bless

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