Friday, January 7, 2005

E-mails: A Series

It is a universally accepted fact (how could it be a fact if it is not universally accepted?) that I always find time and means to open my e-mail, and to write something, no matter what comes into my mind, in this blog. It is also an acknowledged fact, too, that many friends e-mail me everyday. Though I mostly receive individual e-mails from my Yahoo groups, I also receive quite a lot of e-mails sent only to me. It's a joy to see my inbox always full.

You will now read a series of e-mails sent to me by a good friend named Paul V. He's a college freshman, too, and stays in the same dormitory as I do. He's also from the Basement corridor, and his room is not so far away from mine. He loves to eat: he thinks he's obese, but I tell him he's not. He's very obese. Naaaah.. hehehe...

Majoring in BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (BS HRIM), he's a pretty clever guy. His e-mails, as you will notice, are very clever, too.He had problems with Math, but his father, a PMA graduate (wow!), gave him lots of Math books to study.

Unlike me, he prefers dogs to cats. Lastly, he always bothers me with this very fundamental question that is as important to him as his very existence, "Maarte ba ako, Lance?"

merry Christmas ang pangalan ng aso namin ay BLUTO, PIOCO at FAKEY. BLUTO
dahil ung unang aso namin ay brutos, tapos diba nag-iba ung sa pop-eye kaya
naging bluto. PIOCO dahil ung frog sa bubu chacha, sinabi lang ng kapatid ko,
tapos yun na. FAKEY dahil half-bred na askal at dalmatian, pero mas mukha siyang
dalmatian maliit nga lang, ung tatay niya ung askal. cge have a nice evening.
Maligayang Pasko. GOD bless

hi, good afternoon lance, kamusta ka na diyan ako walang magawa, nandito
lang, mga kapatid ko umalis may social life sila, ako obviously wala. hehehe. well
diba, i e-mailed you yesterday about that blogspot of yours. i tried it today,
and ayun! nakita ko na! alam mo bakasi hindi ako nag-iingat sa spelling na
nilagay ko angna-i-type ko pala ay BOOTLEDBRAIN, hindi BOTTLEDBRAIN. can write
about my STUPIDITY. just a SUGGESTION. hehehe.i personally enjoyed yung article
tungkol sa pag-uwi ng mgatao at talagang natuwa ako sa GOING BANANAS.well, un
lang. FOR NOW.have a joyous CHRISTMAS, and a blessed 2005!

*p.ssorry kung hindi ako nag-cacapital letter, tsaka pasensya sa wrong
spelling at wrong grammar. [For the record, I no longer make an effort to correct people's grammar unless they want me to. Grammar is secondary to the thought expressed. This outlook can be attributed to the renewing of the Holy Spirit. I no longer judge people according to grammar. I no longer even judge people! Who am I to do that, anyway?]


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