Friday, August 28, 2020

"Lose weight"


New stethoscope, a Littmann III, olive-green with smoked screen finish, arrived by mail last week. Ordered it online from an Australian company. Design is unique; nothing quite like it. Saved money, even with shipping cost. Lost my stethoscope (same design) last year while doing rounds at Cancer Institute. 

My first patient for this stethoscope: Auntie Nanic (Nancy), mother's cousin who lives with us. Heard faint wheezing on the right lower lung field. Gave her a worried look. "HALA, ANO INI, AUNTIE?!" Laughed out loud—Auntie Nanic has hypochondriac tendencies. Reassured her it was nothing to be worried about. 

"What should I do?" Auntie asked. 


Advice not related to wheezing (which eventually disappeared when I listened again), but sound medical instruction, nonetheless. Fear is a powerful motivator, especially for relatives. Been telling her to cut down on rice. Now she limits herself to 1.5 servings. 

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