S, my former intern, now a physician in a public hospital in Batanes, asked me about a patient. Difficult case—a young woman who might need dialysis soon. Reassured her that her management was spot on: a trial of diuresis to relieve pulmonary congestion and hyperkalemia. Asked her how she was doing: S is married, has a son, contemplates on specialty training, until the pandemic hit. She spent the past two years serving as a doctor to the barrio. S called me “Doc”—a telling sign that one has spent enough time outside PGH. “I’m proud of you, S!” I said, on the other southern part of the country, a proud former-IM resident. Doctors serving the underserved are heroes. 


  1. What would she have called you instead of "doc"?

    1. At PGH, it's "Sir" or "Ma'am" for doctors, even for janitors.

    2. I like that!
      I also find it fascinating that (male) surgeons are addressed Mister in the UK.


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