Saturday, June 16, 2012


  1. Hi, Lance! Looks like you've had a really tiring week. I hope you're doing okay :)

    I have a request, and I'm not sure how you can fit this into your schedule. This semester, I have a whole bunch of MBB undergrads dumped into my English 10 class. And when I say a bunch, they comprise almost 90% of the class. The class being English 10, I'm supposed them to write academic papers (reports, reaction papers, research paper, etc.). But I have absolutely no idea how MBB students go about this. This is where you come in. Could you spare some of your precious time to come to my class and talk about how you wrote your papers when you were an undergrad? And if possible, may I see some of the papers you made? What citation style did you use? Sorry for the trouble ha! Lost lang talaga ako :(

    1. Razeru, I hope you got my email, with a copy of my undergrad thesis and the MBB Undergrad Thesis Writing Guide attached.

      MBB students are fun and noisy! Enjoy the teaching experience. You won't have a hard time with them—they're so grade-conscious you can make them do anything.

    2. "..they're so grade-conscious you can make them do anything" - hahaha, seems like I was wrong to think that MBB was overrated.

  2. for me it was always ligo vs kain vs tulog. of course, ligo always prevailed haha.


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