Por da win

The lectures can get really monotonous, especially in the afternoon. The sight of people falling asleep is so common the lecturers are practically used to it. But the sight three or more people falling asleep in a row—now that's noteworthy. (HT: AA)



  1. Hala, lampas tripple kill na ito ah. :P Lance, in fairness, that pic was taken in-between lectures, not during one. :P

    - Jeg

  2. Haha, thanks for clarifying that, Jeg. *smirk*

    Med school is draining, and what better way to recharge than to sleep?

  3. kuya, what happened to your diptychs?

  4. Good question, Mike. I can't find the time to make and post them here, anymore. But if you buy me a super cool camera, maybe we can spare a few seconds. :p

  5. Hey Lance!:) Winner to ah. :)) Good thing at di medyo nashift sa right ang pic, kundi nakow, nasama na rin ako diyan sa mga tulog. XD

    - meg

  6. Meg! Thanks for dropping by.

    Sayang, sana na-shift right pa nang konti. Nakakaantok talaga minsan, ano? Lalo na right after lunch.


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