Before sleep

Walking along Orosa Street, with a paper cup of commercial hot chocolate on my left hand, a cheap, black umbrella on my left, and a dangling bag full of review materials, I desperately wanted to sleep.

The exam was a beating, and everyone, perhaps even the best of us, felt exhausted, one way or the other. What lessons on humility, dependence, and trust in the Lord I have been learning for the past few weeks.

Just as I was finishing a homework, my mother texted me, "How are you?" My brother Sean then went online and asked me how to configure his router. As he was leaving, he said:


I'm still smiling.

* * *

People have come up to me and said they stumbled upon my blog. Thanks for dropping by! Please feel free to browse around. I assure you, though, there's not much of a blackmailing material here.


  1. wow kuya lance... ka heartwarming ka message ni sean.. :D maski cheesy pero it never fails to make you smile..

  2. awww, lance, that is SOOO sweet! (with the matching intonation) hehehe. really miss you, hope you're doing ok.

  3. Ang sweeet, Jef, ano?

    I'm doing well, barely hanging on, but enjoying the med experience.


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