Now I'm playin'

Other than the prospect of hanging out with my university friends after a break that seemed like eternity, the one thing that makes me expectant around this time of the year is called the Wimbledon tournament.

Unless you've been stranded in Bonga-Bonga island off the Pacific Coast, you'd know that it's all about tennis. It grips me. I could hardly control my bladder as I watch the players in court. It can get so exciting sometimes that I'd feel like a pregnant woman whose water just broke.

Sadly there's no cable tv in the dorm where I live, proof that in Yakal, people would rather immerse themselves in books rather than watch whatever junk the local channels are showing. I'm being ironic, of course. But a consequence of this is that I haven't been able to watch the games closely. I rely on websites like for my dose of updates.

Recently I learned that Kino, a blockmate, is just like me--or perhaps, even worse. A certified tennis fanatic, she's had pictures taken with Andy Roddick, has gone to Wimbledon--and beat this: she gets furious and frustrated whenever she forgets the name of the 51st player, or the 101st for that matter, in the ATP rankings.

Tennis does this to people. And this Wednesday Saturday, thanks to my friend Wegs' invite, I'm about to unleash my power in court. I enrolled in a tennis class. I'm hoping the racket isn't too heavy.

Maghanda na si Federer sa akin.


  1. Yeah, he won. And he cried. Too bad I missed that. I would've wanted Rafa to win though. He's a very gracious competitor. Actually, both of them are. :D

  2. awww, sayang, di ko napanood, Paul. :(
    federer cried? now that's new.

  3. Actually, it's not new. He also cried when he won the Australian Open two years ago, I think. Pido said he cried. I'm taking his word for it. :D

  4. the good rackets are heavy. I've tried using the lighter ones but the drives aren't as strong;)

    baka maging muscle man ka nyan ha!:)

  5. hahaha, I know, I know. muscle man.. hmmm... in dreams, in dreams. hahaha.

  6. lance, i think you look like davydenko!

  7. but he looks old kuya john! :D

  8. What camera are you using? You take good pictures... a digital slr???

  9. I use a Kodak C340 point and shoot camera.

    But yes, an SLR is definitely on my wishlist, Kat! Hahaha.


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