I dream of lions

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Dreams always offer us a certain kind of entertainment especially during times when spending just a couple of minutes in front of the TV can trigger extremely guilty feelings. Last night I dreamed that Manong got mauled by lions. I was inside a white room (that smelled like the laboratories in MBB) with glass windows. There was a telephone on a table--that I distinctly remember. Overlooking was a street, and there Manong was, trying to cross to come to me, when, out of nowhere, those golden lions began attacking him. It wasn't gory at all because I couldn't see the blood gushing out of his veins, but I had the impression that the lions were voraciously eating his flesh and had a great time doing so. His body was thrown to the ground while I watched, behind that glass window--my stomach sickened to death, my eyes wet with tears. I was helpless: if I'd come to him to drag his body away from those wretched carnivores, they'd probably think of me as a better source of nutrition. Or, I could call the police, but I had the feeling that I was in the Philippines--even in movies, the police would always come late in the scene. By then, my brother would've been reduced to pieces. Thankfully, I snapped out of my dream with cold sweat all over me. But that whole experience really got me asking, "What if that happened in real life?" I should probably buy a tranquilizer gun. Lions may be on the loose.

7 thoughts on “I dream of lions”

  1. and you call yoursleves my friends? hahaha, naaah, kidding. siyempre, di naman siguro tanga ang lion para kainin ang buto-buto lang; namely, myself.

  2. Lance, I really like the picture you drew. Especially the faceless lions. Hehe.

    Anyway, I deleted my comment because I was being my mean and sinful self when I wrote that. :-(

  3. Some nights ago, I dreamt that our kitchen was crawling with cockraches--thousands of them!--and that I had to get rid of them because...parang...I had to feed the cat? Hehe. basta I was feeding the cat and when i went to the kitchen to get some left-overs, the lababo (ano English?) was full to the brim of them! Kadiri!!! Good thing I woke up soon...I was totally creeped out.

    Nice drawing by the way, HOW'D YOU MAKE IT? By computer ba?

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