Heroes, Season Two

I hated Heroes when I first saw it. I eventually outgrew all my prejudices and began to like it.

My brother, who’s a huge fan of the show, laughed at me when he learned I was hooked. “I told you,” he said, grinning. “It’s still terribly un-scientific, though,” I told him.

“What do you expect?” he said. “Science taken all by itself is boring. One has to fictionalize it.”

Last Tuesday afternoon, I watched the first episode of the second season. New characters have emerged. There are many more coming, I think. I’m glad my favorite Matt Parkman is still on the show. Many questions are left hanging, too. Is Peter Petrelli going to come back? Who’s the next big villain after Sylar? And, of course: When will Nathan shave again?


  1. im so engrossed with heroes, really! hope to watch the next episode soon, that is, if you allow me to!

  2. Hehehe...

    Aside from Hiro and Nathan, my favorites Niki and Micah haven't shown up yet. :/

    I think Claire's new boyfriend is cute. :D

  3. I wonder if they're still alive. Malamang, no? Ang exciting talagaaaaa!

    Hindi niya pa naman boyfriend yun, Kat. Well, malamang, magiging boyfriend pa lang. You know the drill. He can fly, the boy, so it must be an added asset.

  4. wait till you get to the latest season...will be watching episode 21 later tonight-but am currently loving a different series, The Mentalist- soooo funny :)

  5. I can imagine, Ate Liw, that you have a computer that's on for the whole day, downloading these interesting episodes. :D

    Ngayon ko lang narining ang The Mentalist, ah. Sounds...mental. HAHAH.


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