Glow from an extension wire plug

This picture taken just before I slept one night reminded me of how a tiny spark of light of God's truth can serve as a beacon for the salvation of many. Regina Jansen, Dutch missionary to the Manobo in Mindanao and the urban poor in Manila, spoke in YCF last night. I was reminded to ask God for opportunities to share the gospel, and be a salt and light to this darkened world.


  1. great photo. where did you get this? are you the one who took it? it's like a star, a mature one, from a far far galaxy...hahaha, i'm just dreaming awake maybe.

  2. thanks for leaving a comment,jeiel. it really made my day. finally! :)

    yes, i took the photo myself, before i went to bed. it's from clinton ching's extension wire. i couldn't help but notice it while i was lying in bed.


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