Archies? Cookies?



The world will be watching the battle between the two Davids. Except for the names, the characters almost resemble those in the Biblical account: a kid fighting against a man. But in this modern-day story, no slings or stones are involved.

And there's no guarantee that the kid will be strong enough topple the big man down.

I'm talking about American Idol, of course.

After weeks of competition, the show is down to two contestants. On one side, there's David Archuleta, the 17-year old balladeer who likes licking his lips when singing. On the other side, there's David Cook, a twentysomething rockstar whose hair looks appropriately uncombed.

The two of them clearly have talent. No doubt about that. That being said, the question boils down to who has the greater following. Next week's competition will be a popularity contest. And it's going to be a tough one.

Now, as the final battle is about to begin, I wonder if I'll be with the Archies or the Cookies.


  1. Hmmm. I have no opinions against Cookie Man, but Gaspuleta has been annoying me ever since he did a Melinda Doolittle. His sitting on the stage when told to choose 1 of 2 groups quickly turned me off him.
    Btw, I somehow predict what he would say should he win AI.
    *GASP* I won? *GASP* Gee *GASP* Golly *GASP* Gosh. *GASP* This is embarrassing. *GASP*

  2. Ang sama, Kuya! HAHAHA. Pero parang okay naman yung performance niya dun sa umupo-upo siya ah.

    You *GASP* never *GASP*fail *GASP*to amuse*GASP* me. HAHAHA.

  3. i want david cook! he is just so cooking HOT! hahaha! ^_^

  4. and guess what who won? it is me, david cook! thanks for this blog entry!

  5. and guess what who won? it is me, david cook! thanks for this blog entry!

  6. Never been a fan of American Idol, pero na-feel ko talaga yung hype about it dahil sa officemates ko. Day of the finale, talagang naghihintay sila ng updates.

    Anyway, yes, graduate na ako. April 07 pa. =)


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