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Things to like in Hannibal

1. Will Graham's eyeglasses. They look great on him.

Hugh Dancy plays him well—the FBI special investigator who can relive the crime and see it from the killer's perspective. His gift defines him: he hates working with others, he lives alone, and he has the most terrible dreams. He has night sweats, is sometimes found somnambulating, and is almost always bothered by something. Sounds like a psychiatric case to me.

2. Dr. Hannibal Lecter's accent. Choosing someone other than Anthony Hopkins to play this part must have posed a challenge to the show's producers, but Mads Mikkelsen is a good pick. He adds a special dimension to the psychiatrist-serial killer character—his Danish accent perhaps? His European poise? He makes murders look theatrical, operatic, and effortless. His is a deeper kind of evil, a reminder that human depravity takes many forms.

3. The food! What disturbs me more than looking at gourmet meals is me sometimes wanting to try out the stuff Hannibal serves his guests. It's human meat, of course—kidney, spleen, stomach, and whatever anatomical part there is in our frame—but take that fact out of the picture, and you realize how Hannibal must detest fast food. How does he fit cooking into his schedule? Where did he get his training? The dishes always look fantastic.

4. Hannibal's recipe guide. The handwriting is beautiful. I hope I can make my chart entries look like that.

Clearly the show Hannibal is not for the faint-hearted—and definitely not for the hungry, or else it will encourage cannibalism.


  1. That "Dexter" TV series is quite interesting as well... An atheist serial killer who has a moral code: Only kill the bad guys.
    A little silly and contrived sometimes, but it sure is a guilty pleasure.

    I do like the American version of "The Killing" though. You should see that one.

    1. I've watched a couple of episodes in AXN. I'll try The Killing. Thanks for recommending.


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