Keeping God's Word

In our local church we're asked to memorize bits of Scripture. At the end of the Sunday service, a person or a group of persons (such as cell/Bible study groups) is asked to recite the passion verse for the week. Someone had the idea of making Instagram posts out of them—they're beautiful! For instance, the passion verse this week is:

Here are other passion verses. I love the typography, color, and most importantly, the message these convey.

Higher Rock Instagram


  1. NASB just doesn't have the same ring as the KJV to this funda-bap-raised evangelical... I often still like memorizing from the KJV, hahaha.

    1. Ang hirap kabisaduhin ng KJV, but it sounds more poetic! Our memory verses in church are in NASB. I often wish: sana NIV na lang! Hehe.


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