What would you do if someone spat at you?

the beginning

I hailed a jeep on my way to a church meeting. Just as I was about to alight, I heard a spewing sound, followed almost instantly by a warm oozing feeling on my right hand. Yep, someone from the jeep spat at me -- unintentionally, of course, so I never took it against the boy.

That started movies of bacteria and viruses playing in my head. Later I learned it wasn't just my hand; my Bible -- at least, the denim cover -- was also partly . . . wet.

I was amazed at how I reacted. "Yuch! Yuch!" were the only ones I said. I didn't get mad, just a bit irritated at why people find the need -- and pleasure -- to spit in public places. I mean, they could swallow "it" for the meantime, until they could find a decent lavatory.

Throughout the ride, I thought of two things: first, handwashing; and second, Christ.

I was reminded that sinning is like spitting on Jesus' face. It's a mockery of what He has done on the cross. So I thought, when I looked at my right hand, "What is this compared to what Jesus had to endure?"


  1. Yuck! Eww. Eck. I love how something disgusting reminds us of our sin and Christ's atonement!Thanks for good words.

  2. Thanks Laurie. It's amazing how the yuckiest of situations can teach us timeless truths.

  3. lance, in times like these, remember when you accidentally spat at your elem teacher.;p wahahahaha... :)



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