Si Baste

"Lance, ilagay mo naman ako sa blog mo," Baste tells me, wiping the sweat trickling down his face after a long basketball match in the dorm's court.


"Para naman sumikat ako."

I laugh. I tell him that my Sitemeter doesn't give the actual number of unique visitors that have come across this blog--90% of it is because of me. "Pero sige, ilalagay kita."

"'Yan ang gusto ko sa 'yo, Lance, eh."

So there, Baste, aka Sebastian Julian, you're in my blog now. Hehe.


  1. for some reason, i also believe that i'll get famous if i were connected to your blog. :)

  2. I appreciate the thought, pero mukhang malabo yan eh. hehehe. :D I hope you've had fun in Davao. I saw the pictures. :D

  3. hahaha... lance ako ya san-o mo ipost? :)

  4. hehe, sometime soon, charie. hehe. kung tambok ka na!


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