Saturday, November 5, 2005

Baby talks

I was provoking my little cousin, Naomi, to anger yesterday.

"I own a hundred of those [referring to the rice fields we were passing by]," I told her.

"I own a thousand," she said.

"I own ten thousand."

She just wouldn't give up. "I own a hundred thousand!"

I said, "I own a million. Can you beat that?" I was grinning.

"Aaaaarggghhhh!" She was quite furious with me. She doesn't know any number greater than a million.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing--I'll wait till she gets into calculus.


  1. Lance you meanie... hahaha!

  2. kuya ka nga. =P wait til she learns what a google is.

  3. If she says billion next time, say infinity or infinity to the power of infinity. etc. etc. etc.

  4. kuya butch baka 'gugol' hindi 'google'?

  5. or googol. look it up, i think it's spelled that way. :-) No, I'm not poy. Hihi :-)


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