Monday, May 27, 2013

Eating out

LATELY I'VE been a regular customer at Toastbox, near—actually, beside—the Sta. Ana exit of Robinsons Manila. The restaurant chain is a hit in Singapore, where it originated. I always order the kaya toast set served with two softboiled eggs and homemade milk tea, even during lunch. Fell in love with it after the first bite. I like the place because there aren't too many medical students around. The couch is perfect for reading, especially in the afternoon when the light is bright but not blinding.

Lunch that looks like breakfast

Met my father and brother in Ortigas last week. Tatay was here for a church conference, but we didn't get to see much of him, as he was busy.

@arveecee and Tatay, who's in Manila for the week

Manong brought me to Wildflour Café + Bakery at Podium for lunch yesterday. The place was packed, so we shared a table with an Australian guy reading a book. I told my brother, "Manong, tingnan mo siya. Hindi nagtitipid ng Post-Its."

at wildflour, podium

We ordered the grilled sandwich with Guyon cheese. The bread was warm and crispy on the outside.

eating breakfast during lunch

We had coddled eggs, croissant, Greek yogurt with homemade mange campote. "Yogurt pala 'to. May malapit bang banyo?" I asked. We're both semi-lactose intolerant. The meal came with brewed coffee, which was so strong I was palpitating I kept waking up in the evening. Or was it merely anxiety, because my Internal Medicine ward rotation begins this Wednesday? I woke up after dreaming I had a row of intubated patients!

at wildflour, podium

We had the Valrhone salted chocolate cake, which came in a rather huge serving we had to take a huge chunk home.

The store had a lot of pastry selections I wanted to try, but I was full. Maybe next time with my other sets of friends.

at wildflour, podium

Thanks for the treat, Manong!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have to set our toastbox meet up soon! :) -AA

Tue May 28, 10:51:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Camille Dajay said...

Toastbox!!! I was confused with the eggs at first. Then I realized it makes the toast softer and yummier. :)

Tue May 28, 11:11:00 PM GMT+8  

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