Thursday, May 30, 2013

29 years

I CALLED HOME tonight to give my parents a quick weekly rundown of how I was doing. I wanted to give them the impression that I was alive and kicking—not entirely true, of course—and that they needn't worry.

My father told me they were having the Jamisons and the grandkids for dinner. I asked why.

"You forget, Bon," Tatay said. "It's our anniversary."

"Oh! Your wedding anniversary. How long have you been together?"

"Twenty-nine years."

"Happy anniversary, then!"

It's disturbing to note that among the three of us, I'm considered the most thoughtful. I bet Sean and Manong had no inkling there was something memorable happening today.

I'm blessed to have parents like mine. Their love for each other has grown stronger throughout these years. Romantic movies may make a lot of people warm and fuzzy, but I've seen my parents in real time. Theirs is the real thing.

My mother on how Tatay their first kiss was on their wedding day 29 years ago: "Terrible."

Based on the photos below, some things never change.

happy mother's day happy mother's day
Photo by Ynnah Olivares, taken during Marbel Evangelical Fellowship's Mothers Day surprise.



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