Thursday, December 16, 2004


Hi. My name's Lindsey. I'm nine years old,
and I'm in the third grade. It's cold out there. Mom told me not to stay up late, but my bestfriend Mary said we're going to play until we see Santa.
I don't wanna sleep.
I wanna see Santa and his reindeers. I'm sure Santa will let us sit on his lap.

I'm gonna tell Santa that I wanna get a doll, that one I saw in Tom's store
in the 13th Avenue. Mom told me to wait for Christmas.
I've been a pretty good girl. Oh, there's Mary knocking at the door.

Lindsey, you may have noticed, has a wretched view of Christmas. This girl's sentiments of the celebration is myopic: she thinks that it's about gifts, about the fictional Santa Claus. Unfortunately, her views reflect the general pathetic view of modern-day man when it comes to Christmas. It's not the gifts, the families, nor Santa Claus we're remembering.

Christmas is chiefly a celebration meant to remind us of God's holy and incomparable love for mankind: He sent Jesus Christ, His only Son, to redeem mankind of its sin. Jesus did not die merely to create a glorious part in history. He died because when we were still sinners, He first loved us.

Who is Lindsey's mother? Who taught her these wrong ideas?!

Reveal yourself.



Blogger Unknown said...

For sure, it was her mother or whoever she lived with who taught her about Santa Claus and Christmas as the way it is celebrated by most of the West and Westernized society. But nobody taught her how to be greedy, self-centered, unGodward and materially idolatrous. And nobody taught her to love an imaginary creature who would gratify these lusts. Those are just manifestations of what is inherent in her already- her sinful nature.

Christ-celebrating Christians of the world unite!

Sun Dec 19, 04:41:00 AM GMT+8  

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