Monday, December 13, 2004


The door was locked, and I felt it wasn't just possible to open it--let alone, destroy it. Beads of sweat were trickling on my cheeks,and it was so hot that I could almost taste the saltiness of myperspiration. Feeling pressured, I once again tried to fool myself into believing that I could accomplish this task on my own. The doorknob still remained locked, but I twisted it for the nth time anyway. My actions were futile, I knew, but it was better to do something that wouldn't yield to something beneficial than not doing anything at all."Please, open the door. Please," I pleaded. To whom that plea was addressed, I didn't know.

There was no evidence to point out that there was no one inside the room; there was also no evidence to point out the opposite. The room was like a guarded fortification, a fortess wheare no one can never be allowed to enter."O, I want to get inside now. I'm so tired, I need to rest," I thought. I was close to giving up that I wanted to scream. For "the sake of silence," I didn't: screaming loudly is an act of uncivilized people, or at least, of those who couldn't control their impatience. I wasn't stupid.

The room still seemed impenetrable; the door was blatantly mocking me:"You're so weak, you couldn't come in. How dare you pound your fists on my surface, you wretched creature!" I was so exhausted that feeling insulted was somehow eradicated tomporarily from my system. Oblivious to everything else, I wanted just one thing: to get inside.But the door was locked. I had to ask help.

This is dedicated to those who often find their rooms locked. King and Mifs, this is especially for you. Remember, the key to get inside isthe key, so don't leave it anywhere.



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