Monday, December 13, 2004


College has deprived me of many things I used to enjoy in high school.

The transistion has been so abrupt that I hardly noticed things changing dramatically. This realization came to me just a while ago while I was browsing through the pictures in the Yahoo group of our batch. The picture was taken while I and my classmates competed in the National Science Quiz and Fair in Laguna. I joined in the quiz; the others in the science investigatory project.

Those were such wonderful days then. Which is not to say, though, that I am bored to death in this new-found college life. But the enjoyment was different.

I used to be excused from classes for months (of course, I attended class, but not always) because I joined these competitions. Most of the people I've met in the University of the Philippines are people who also joined the same conferences, seminars, trainings, and contests that I participated in.

Oh well, I guess I just miss high school. It was a time where I learned that excellence is not determined by the number of medals that one acquires, nor by the knowledge that one has in his head. In fact, I learned something far more important: that excellence not based on God's standards of righteousness is not excellence at all.

I praise the Lord because in high school I learned of His goodness and grace. Apart from Him, I am nothing.

Whenever I relish those moments in high school, I can't help but think in awe of the wonderful plan of God in which I was--and am still--a part of.



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