Thursday, December 23, 2004


I always tell people, regardless of race or gender, that I am not allergic to anything--not to crabs, lobsters, meat or Visine--except to stupidity. I can, however, forgive people who are innately stupid--that kind of stupidity that's acquired at birth. Those who choose to act stupidly are not reasonable beings at all: in the first place, why act in such a horrendous, unbecoming manner when they could always choose the opposite? Pretending to be stupid is forgivable if the situation requires one to be stupid. There are many of such instances.

But I do not write this to give you an exposition of why I hate stupidity.

To do so would yield to a war. Many people would surely disagree with me: I myself might even disagree with the things I had said in the past. You see, stupidity is a very relative word. For Christians (I am one of them), for example, following and believing in Christ is not stupid; the world views them and their actions as foolish--and therefore, stupid. Christians, on the other hand, think of the world as foolish, just the exact opposite.

Did I just explain why I hate stupidity? I have lost my train of thought, assuming I was, in fact, not thinking while I was writing this. Now that's stupid. Aaaaargh. I need an antihistamine!



Blogger Unknown said...

yes stupidity, or the word 'stupid' is indeed very relative. not only that, in fact. It is incredibly vague and ambiguous. Like the word 'cool', for example, that has ceased to have any real meaning at all. That dress is cool. I like it. What part of the dress? Its color? Its brand? Or do you mean the function of the dress, not its design? Or do you mean its history, whoever famous person wore it? Man...

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